FX800 Series

4K, HDR 10+, Smart TV

With stunning colour reproduction, a full-array backlight, HDR 10+ support, and a beautiful metal and glass design, the FX800 series offers an exceptional quality at a reasonable price.

FZ950 Series

OLED, 4K, HDR 10+, Smart TV

OLED provides the best in picture quality – deep, rich blacks and brilliant colours. The built-in Firefox-based smart TV packs the FZ950 full of features ready to show off all OLED has to offer.

FX600 Series

4K, HDR 10+, Smart TV

Get all the quality you expect of a Panasonic without breaking the bank. The FX600 series is an entry level model that offers high-end features at a low price point, backed by Panasonic’s legendary reliability.

FZ1000 Series

OLED, 4K, HDR 10+, Smart TV

The stunningly designed FZ1000 has been tuned by Hollywood professionals to give the most accurate colour. With a Technics soundbar attached to the base, the picture and sound are unparalleled.

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