In-Room Speakers

Outstanding sound, traditional look.

Great for stereo and home theatre, PSB offers a wide range on in room speakers. From bookshelf to towers, the robust lineup is sure to have the right speaker for your room.


Clean, powerful bass.

PSB has a large selection of subwoofers in a range of sizes. Models start at a tiny micro-sub that packs a huge punch and work up to large units to shake the furniture.


Looks as good as it sounds.

Soundbars bring outstanding sound to areas where you don’t want to see large speakers. Wall mountable, these units provide 3 channels of clear sound without becoming an eyesore.


Out of sight whole-home sound.

In-ceiling and in-wall speakers can bring music to any room. With magnetic grills these speakers are barely noticeable, while still providing plenty of sound to fill your house with music.

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