X800H Series

4K, Smart TV – Android OS, TRILUMINOS Display

The X800H series is a great introduction to some of Sony’s most popular features at a competitive price. The Android operating system goes beyond the traditional smart TV with tons of apps, while the TRILUMINOS display provides excellent colour reproduction.

X900H Series

4K, Smart TV – Android OS, Local Dimming Backlight

The X900H series has a full-array local dimming backlight that offers high contrast and improved picture quality. Enjoy all the latest features such as Netflix Calibrated Mode, Dolby Vision, and Android smart TV.

X950H Series

4K, Smart TV – Android OS, Local Dimming Backlight

The X950H series takes LED to the next level. The full array local dimming backlight provides outstanding contrast, and the X1 Ultimate processor makes for an exceptionally smooth picture and loads apps lightning fast. The new Netflix Calibrated Mode means binge-watching has never looked better.

A8H Series

OLED, 4K, Smart TV – Android OS

Experience the rich blacks and vibrant colours of OLED with the A8H series. The X1 Ultimate brings powerful performance to the built in Android operating system, and Acoustic Surface technology allows for amazing sound quality.

Z8H Series

8K, Smart TV – Master Series LED

Be the first to experience the unbelievable clarity of 8K. With supported resolutions of up to 7680×4320 and exceptional colour and contrast the Z8H offers picture quality that is sure to impress.

A9G Series

OLED, 4K, Smart TV – Master Series

The A9G Master series takes OLED to the next level. With the deepest blacks, most vivid colours, the best sound, and the most features, the A9G is the best of OLED.

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